Finlync develops world’s first agnostic blockchain integrator for ERP systems

Fintech organisation Finlync has implemented the world’s first agnostic blockchain integrator for enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, the company has announced.

The company has developed the SAP-DL Integrator, which the company claims can seamlessly allow plug-and- play integration to SAP, for Ethereum and Hyperledger; with more platforms following suit.

The theory is that integrating blockchain technologies with ERPs, such as SAP, allows for ‘true data interoperability’, as Finlync puts it, giving greater access to corporate banking services like trade financing, payments, and contract management.

Finlync has an extensive history of implementing ISO20022 messaging standards for ERP to Bank Communication. Based on this experience, they are now evaluating for new and effective messaging integration in the distributed ledger.

With a light footprint, the SAP-DL Integrator leverages innovative, user friendly and attractive HTML5 type user interfaces which can be integrated even with older versions of SAP. The technology utilises API calls or real-time integration of ERP data to blockchains.

Peter Klein, technology director at Finlync for the APAC region, said: “The Finlync SAP-DL Integrator gives effortless process integration with trusted communication to Bank’s Distributed Ledger platforms. This allows corporates to experience secure access and centralised control – all within their already existing ERP. Banks are working with us to secure their existing client relationships, whilst opening new revenue channels, by integrating ERP corporates to the multi-party value chain.”

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