B9lab offering first blockchain online course for CTOs

B9lab, an education, advisory and research body based around blockchain and decentralised applications, is giving CTOs worldwide an opportunity to enhance their technical knowledge by offering a comprehensive online course. The CTO course is the newest addition since the successful Ethereum Developer course.


Once enrolled, participants are taught about the theory behind blockchain and introduced to many different protocols for public as well as private blockchain networks. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger are among several other protocols that are covered in the course.


Apart from the technological landscape, the course material also goes into change management and future trends, both socially and technologically. Moreover, participants can learn more about how to deploy smart contracts and install different clients and frameworks.


In order to qualify the course, the participant has to score an average of 80% or more on both coursework and examinations. The participants are provided educational support in real-time by the course directors, who have been part of the blockchain community from the beginning and witnessed the technology evolve. There are also opportunities for collaboration and information exchange through multiple communication channels.


Damien Ducourty, founder of B9lab, said: “Our developer course has been very successful and we wanted to give all the technical stakeholders the opportunity to get an extensive understanding of the different frameworks, protocols and trends in blockchain.”


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