New partnership aims to make remote voting secure and more accessible through blockchain

Voatz and Clear Ballot Group have teamed up to introduce a solution that aims to allow secure and accessible remote voting in elections through blockchain technology.


Having worked together for more than a year, Voatz, a global mobile voting and campaigning platform, brings an open source blockchain platform designed for secure and high volume remote voting on smartphones and tablets, which was independently evaluated for security and has already been piloted successfully in several private and municipal elections in 2016.


During the period of their joint research, Clear Ballot, a voting system provider, gave the Voatz team election industry knowledge, market requirements and a rich sample election dataset that allows their engineers to understand and build support for the complexities and scale of real elections.


Larry Moore, founder and CEO of Clear Ballot said, “Innovation in elections takes too long and there are too many barriers to entry in this market. I am convinced that the fastest way to accelerate election innovation is for voting system companies, like Clear Ballot, to help promising new technology companies with technical support, election industry knowledge, regulatory requirements and market access.  An example is that people want to vote on their smartphone.


“Two of the challenges to remote voting have been security and accessibility. Blockchain technology coupled with smartphones and tablets have the potential to solve these problems, but this pairing must be rigorously assessed before widespread deployment,” Moore added. “With this partnership, we break down the barriers to entry and begin the innovation cycle to address the need for secure, accessible, remote voting.”


This is not the first initiative aimed at transforming the voting process through blockchain; back in November Medici Ventures, a blockchain-based subsidiary of online retailer, announced a planned investment in SettleMint, who released a recent ‘ballot box’ application.


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