Can blockchain solve messenger app vulnerabilities?

Blockchain messing application

The rise in popularity of messaging applications like WhatsApp, Telegram and Facebook messenger place consumers at an uneasy crossroads between convenience and privacy.

While we all enjoy the benefits of being able to communicate with friends, family and colleagues at any time, many users are not aware of the potential vulnerabilities to their security and privacy.

Despite the fact that WhatsApp and Telegram have end-to-end encryption in place, they have still displayed susceptibility to man-in-the-middle attacks and data leakage.

There is also the looming spectre of applications enabling governments to intercept data via developer created back doors.

Then there is data collection for advertising purposes. For example, WhatsApp announced in 2016, that it would be sharing data with Facebook (its parent company) to help the latter better target ads at users.

Does blockchain have an answer?

Crypviser is an encrypted messaging application on Blockchain that looks to solve these vulnerabilities.

The application uses distributed ledger technology in conjunction with ‘real’ end-to-end encryption. The blockchain aspect of the equation relates to public-key authentication that can prevent identity theft and attacks.

In a whitepaper, the company says:

“A blockchain-based authentication model allows users to truly identify and confirm each other’s public keys. This eliminates the man-in-the-middle threat and any kind of manipulation attempts from the server and third parties’ sides.”

Each user will have public key and unique identifier, half of which will be stored on blockchain and the other half on the company’s servers.


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