Consensys sets up Blockchain for Social Impact Coalition

Blockchain for Social Impact Coalition

Consensys has formed a group to try and use the power of Ethereum blockchain to create a positive social impact for those in need.

The Blockchain for Social Impact Coalition (BSIC) wants to incubate, develop and implement blockchain solutions that act towards he solution of social and environmental problems.

It is important that the solutions are ‘investable, scalable and replicable’.

There has been a lot or interest within humanitarian organisations, not lest the WFP, about the role that blockchain could have in increasing the transparency, accountability and efficiency of their operations.

The group’s first meeting brought together representatives from 22 organisations, including:

  • World Wildlife Fund
  • MIT Solve
  • Slavefreetrade
  • Sustainability International
  • Tata Consultancy Services

The initial dialogue focused on the challenges that cross-sector collaboration faces.

Four target areas

BSIC has identified four key areas that it will focus on:

  • identity and vulnerable peoples
  • energy and environmental
  • supply chain
  • financial inclusion

There will be a working group for each of these areas that will meet once a month. There will also be a ‘network of decentralised meetups’ open to the public, initially in London, Washington D.C and New York.

The group is organising a month-long hackathon, which will be held this year and connect teams with humanitarian and blockchain experts. The PoCs created during the vent will from the foundation for the groups development initiatives.

Ben Siegal, impact policy manager at Consensys, said:

“We now have a confederated group of organisations, from a broad range of impact sectors, dedicated to exploring the potential blockchain technology has to aid those in need, and to creating, testing, and implementing the necessary solutions.”


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