ICO fixed-price service package launched

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The growth in the popularity of ICOs as a way for businesses to raise finance in recent years has not only roused the attention of regulators, but also software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies.

One such company, ICOBox, has announced it’s ICO Fixed-Price Service Package, a SaaS solution for ICOs of any size between 25-50 BTC.

“As ICOs explode in popularity, access to ICO technology, expert legal and marketing help is increasingly challenging to find,” said Nick Evdokimov, ICOBox co-founder.

The package consists of marketing, technology and legal modules.

The technology module solution is made up of a ready to deploy book-building platform that the company claims can be set up and customised in under a week. There is also a smart contract and token management system.

The legal solution looks to help companies successfully navigate the seemingly ever-shifting legal landscape in which ICOs take place. The company is offering budding token distributers help on drafting their white paper, as well as legal advice on how to conduct the ICO and draft up the relevant documentation.

The marketing module is a pre-set marketing strategy for getting your idea out into the public domain.

Not just for blockchain

The company wants to open up the ICO model to a much wider range of vendors and businesses, rather focusing purely on those based on blockchain.

The ICOBox solution is a product token platform, meaning that it should make it easier and more cost-efficient for businesses then the more traditional turn-key service consulting option.

The company claims that this product-focused approach means that their process is highly efficient, and that vendors can initiate and complete the entire process in two months.


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