IBM and Sony develop new blockchain-based education platform


IBM and Sony have developed a new blockchain-based student education records platform

The platform, from IBM’s Japan arm and Sony Global Education – a subsidiary of Sony Corporation – allows school administrators to consolidate and manage student’s educational data, record from several schools, and refer their learning history and digital academic transcripts with more certainty.

The product will let students and learners of all ages carry with them a digital, trusted record of their achievements that can be easily and quickly verified by any future employers or educational institutions. In addition, the platform can help manage a variety of student services offered by different parties and consolidate them in a single repository of information. It also enables parties to reliably share digital transcripts with one another.

The platform is built using IBM Blockchain which runs on the IBM Cloud to track students’ learning progress, as well as establish transparency and accountability of scholastic achievements between students and schools. It is powered by Hyperledger Fabric 1.0, a blockchain framework and one of the Hyperledger projects hosted by The Linux Foundation.

Moreover, Sony Global Education is working with various educational institutions with an aim to launch the blockchain-based service in 2018. Masaaki Isozu, President of Sony Global Education, said: “Blockchain technology has the potential to impact systems in a wide variety of industries, and the educational sphere is no exception when educational data is securely stored on the blockchain and shared among permissioned users.”

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