Cryptocurrencies move into the retirement space

Bitcoin IRA

Bitcoin IRA has become the world’s first company to allow investors to purchase cryptocurrencies for an IRS-approved retirement account.

The move marks the first time that people can begin to incorporate digital currencies into their formal retirement planning. Customers can purchase Bitcoins and other digital currencies for their IRA or 401(k) retirement accounts.

Bitcoin IRA has made the digital asset XRP available to its clients.

Chris Kline, COO of Bitcoin IRA, said:

“We’re the only company in the world to offer an XRP feature in this way. Demand from our customers has been immense. XRP is an unique innovation in modernizing cross-border payments using superior blockchain technology. We’re excited to feature XRP and work with BitGo to bring this extraordinary asset opportunity to market.”

Customers will have their XRP stored in a BitGo multi-signature digital wallet.

The company provides its clients with an IRS-compliant solution that includes:

  • setting up a qualified cryptocurrency account
  • rolling over funds from any existing IRA custodian
  • executing live trades and moving funds into secure, multi-sig digital wallet

The company plans to expand its services to include additional cryptocurrencies including Litecoin, Ethereum Classic and Bitcoin Cash.


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1 Comment

1 Comment

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    November 18, 2017 at 3:12 pm

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