WikiLeaks moves away from Coinbase after suspension row


WikiLeaks has announced it will no longer use Coinbase, days after the cryptocurrency platform allegedly suspended the company for terms of service violation.

In a screenshot posted by WikiLeaks’ shop account, the company said it had been blocked by Coinbase ‘without notice or explanation’. While the suspension has not been confirmed by Coinbase, the screenshot referenced the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), of which Coinbase is a member.

WikiLeaks had called for a ‘global blockade’ of Coinbase this week, describing the San Francisco-based exchange as ‘an unfit member of the crypto community’. A statement posted on WikiLeaks’ official Twitter page put the boot in further.

“Coinbase has become an unreliable and even dangerous service, subject to arbitrary, non-transparent actions as it merged with the US banking sector and started to provide information on its customers to the US government,” the statement read. “It has become everything that Bitcoin was designed to stop.”

Andreas Antonopolous, Bitcoin and blockchain analyst and commentator, wrote that while he was ‘disappointed’ with Coinbase blocking WikiLeaks, he would not propose a boycott. “Coinbase is the most Bitcoin-friendly bank there is,” he wrote. “Once you accept that they are a bank, it becomes easier to understand.”

WikiLeaks added it will move instead to Coinpayments, a Canada-based provider.


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