IBM creating 1,800 jobs in France – with blockchain, AI and IoT key to expansion

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Tech giant IBM is planning to add 1,800 positions in emerging technology areas such as AI, IoT, blockchain and cloud computing as it looks to bolster its presence in France by building domestic competitiveness hubs.

As part of the move, IBM aims to appoint fresh graduates as well as experienced professionals over the next two years as technical experts, business consultants, developers, and IT architects. The new positions include 400 AI-focussed jobs targeted to meet the soaring demands for the leading-edge technology from its clients.

Ginni Rometty, chairman, president and CEO of IBM, said: “[French President Emmanuel Macron is] making a big bet, and a smart one, that AI is going to transform every job, every profession and every industry. At IBM, we share this belief and see evidence of it every day with Watson driving exponential impact here in France and around the world. That is why we are bringing 1,800 new jobs to France to meet growing demand for AI from our clients.”

The initiative is paired with training programmes for “new collar” positions as part of a remarkable expansion in the nation. Under this the tech giant is generating new employment opportunities and hiring talents in fresh tech areas such as AI, data science, cybersecurity and cognitive business. For these roles, degrees for universities are not mandated rather focus is given on the apt skills, which are often gained via on-the-job or vocational training.

Besides, noting the emergence of the AI era, IBM is opening the IBM France Academy in Paris to help prepare its clients, partners, and employees in France in developing up-to-date skills.

IBM’s blockchain push has been more than apparent in recent months. Last month the company, alongside a consortium of gold and diamond industry firms, launched new initiative “TrustChain” that utilises blockchain technology to track and authenticate diamond and gold jewellery through each stage of the supply chain.

In September, a research note by a three-member analyst team at UBS suggested that blockchain may be the tech-giant’s “best hope for recovery.”


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