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HCL Technologies joins blockchain transportation alliance


The Blockchain in Transportation Alliance (BiTA), an organisation focused on best practices and standards for blockchain in the transportation industry, has a new member in the shape of global IT provider HCL Technologies.

HCL joins other members of the alliance, including Daimler, FedEx and SAP, with the company saying it will ‘bring its deep expertise in digital technologies to the alliance and help develop blockchain-based solutions for the industry.’

The company offers CoTrust, a blockchain application platform. Writing in a blog post announcing the launch of the platform last September, Rahul Sabharwal, practice lead for blockchain and digital analytics, noted how the company’s initial blockchain applications resulted in similar challenges around identity, and boilerplate code. Examples of industries where the platform is being used include supply chain, financial services, and media.

As this publication has previously explored, plenty of concepts are taking shape in terms of allying blockchain technologies with transportation. Earlier this week, the Maltese government secured a partnership with blockchain middleware platform provider Omnitude to help the country’s public transport infrastructure.

“Blockchain technology will transform the supply chain by introducing greater transparency, innovation and efficiency,” said BiTA president Chris Burruss in a statement. “We are fortunate to have member companies like HCL Technologies, who have experience with experience with blockchain applications.

“They will be a key player in helping us develop blockchain standards in transportation,” Burruss added.


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