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Omniaz and Wine Connection team up for ‘smart bottle’ experience leveraging blockchain and IoT


Omniaz, a startup based in Singapore, has joined hands with Wine Connection to launch a smart bottle experience which aims to combine blockchain and IoT technologies.

DRNK – which stands for ‘drink, rewards, network, knowledge’ – is claimed to be the first smart bottle experience for alcohol beverage consumers in Asia.

The app leverages IoT and blockchain technology and will be a part of a decentralised end-to-end platform, which is in development at the moment. This platform is being developed with companies such as NXP Semiconductors, NEM, Smartrac and ProximaX. Users can use the DRNK app to access detailed information of their purchased wine, beer and other spirits that will get authenticated on the blockchain. Moreover, buyers can also gain targeted rewards and benefits like coupons and credits by tapping or scanning the tags on the smart bottles through NFC or QR.

DRNK will tackle many key challenges, such as counterfeit alcohol, parallel markets and fraud, which currently persist in the traditional alcoholic beverage industry. The new solution will offer companies an alternative way of building a strong connection with consumers, while delivering strategic consumer insights and other details to the producer so that marketing activities and business strategies are planned accordingly.

Omniaz is not the only company that has announced blockchain supported smart bottle experience. Everledger in 2016 became the first financial organisation to secure a bottle of wine’s provenance on the blockchain. A bottle of 2001 Margaux was certified and secured on the Chai Win Vault – a solution introduced by the vendor and wine expert Maureen Downey. The Chai Wine Vault issues certification to bottles through a method that entails the creation of more than 90 data points, along with high-resolution photography and records of ownership.

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