CCID announces latest blockchain technology assessment: Ethereum and EOS top, Bitcoin struggles


China’s Centre for Information and Industry Development (CCID) has announced an eighth update of its Global Public Blockchain Technology Assessment Index (GPBTAI), with EOS top of the list with a total score of 156.1 points, followed by Ethereum with an assessment index of 136.4. GXchain outplaced BitShares to assume the third position in the list, with a score of 117.5 in this assessment.

In the current evaluation, BitShares went down by five moving to eighth position. However, Komodo, Ontology, NULS, Nebulas, BitShares, NEO, and Steem shared the fourth through 10th spots and Bitcoin evaluation index retained the middle position in the list with a score of 96.1, taking the18th position.

When it comes to basic technology, EOS, Ontology, BitShare and Steem are the top five platforms in the list. The top five applications in the list are Ethereum, Qtum, Nebulas, Ontology, and NEO. Just like the basic technology index, NULS application index rapidly improved with the update of the main network. Also, statistics show that the average application index is marginally up compared with the previous period. Furthermore, if compared with basic technology and applicability, the innovation index underwent a huge transformation due to the update of the public chain code.

A couple of months ago, a total of 124 offshore cryptocurrency exchanges were announced to be blocked by China, in a move to curb activities related to digital money. It was then reported that the Chinese government will block access to websites operated by foreign cryptocurrency exchanges that provide trading service to Chinese citizens.

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