HashCash joins hands with prominent Australian developer for blockchain in gaming


A well-known video games developer in Australia is partnering with a California-based software development firm HashCash Consultants to explore monetisation options via blockchain. The latter has also recently launched its blockchain gaming platform, which includes many exclusive services like organising ICOs, making cryptocurrency exchange platforms based on its PayBito platform, and integrating existing gaming platforms to a blockchain platform conforming to HC NET.

A gaming company can customise its own native digital asset on the blockchain or integrate its developed ERC token on the network with the help of HashCash. Customers can let the company create a root account, or allow integration of the contract’s owner account with the blockchain wallet. Initially, a certain number of coins or tokens will be added in these wallets.

What’s more, easily adaptable APIs for sending and receiving tokens is another feature of an ICO with HashCash. HashCash Consultants’ MD Raj Chowdhury said: “HashCash offers each of its investors their very own individual accounts, unique login information, and funding address. So even if they lose the private keys’ information they can still access it by these above-with mentioned techniques.”

This is by no means the only gaming-related blockchain news. In China, blockchain-based gaming platform Cocos-BCX announced $40 million in new funding from investors including Binance, Neo Global Capital and 500 Startups. The platform was created by the founders of Cocos2D-x, behind global mobile games titles including Angry Birds, Clash of King and Badlands. According to Cocos-BCX, the new capital will be used to accelerate development of the new platform and support its continued growth and expansion.

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