Oracle updates blockchain platform with development and identity upgrades

Oracle has announced new features to its blockchain platform to help users speed up the development, integration and deployment of new blockchain applications.

The new features are focused around productivity enhancements, as well as identity management upgrades. Users can now benefit from enhanced REST APIs for event subscription, blockchain administration and configuration, as well as enhanced database tools and third-party certificate support.

The company formally announced its entrance into the blockchain space in October 2017 with the unveiling of an enterprise-grade blockchain cloud platform at that year’s OpenWorld, as well as joining up with Hyperledger. In May, reports circled that Oracle’s platform as a service (PaaS) blockchain product was almost ready, with Banco de Chile and the Nigerian government among its early customers.

Now, this latest update has seen Oracle offer more than a dozen companies who have built or integrated production-ready blockchain applications on its platform. Of the most interest is China Distance Education Holdings Limited, which is using blockchain technologies to share educational records and certifications across various institutions – which makes for interesting reading when considering this was a use case Ethereum head Vitalik Buterin recently explored.

“Oracle’s continued leadership and investment in enterprise blockchain technology ensures that the platform has all of the critical capabilities organisations need to build blockchain applications to handle their most important business transactions,” said Frank Xiong, Oracle group vice president of blockchain product development in a statement. “The number of customers already running blockchain applications based on Oracle’s blockchain platform is testament to the strength of the technology and the value it brings to a broad range of industries.”

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