ConsenSys announces latest blockchain startups for Tachyon accelerator program


ConsenSys Ventures has announced the latest tranche of startups to take part in its accelerator program – with ideas on the table including a DNA data bank, a ‘litigation finance investment platform’ and a customised printed cryptocurrency card provider.

Tachyon, described as the first ever blockchain-focused accelerator, is focused on backing ‘the most promising startups building on Ethereum’ with a particular gaze on blockchain-for-profit, open source, and social impact.

The latest group of victors, representing the second cohort and commencing from the German Bundestag, are, in alphabetical order:

– Blok-Z – an energy startup which aims to connect people without electricity access to distributed energy resources

– Cypherock – a provider of security storage solutions for blockchain-based digital assets and private key. The company aims to protect crypto assets through a ‘personal distributed network of hardware devices among your very own trusted network of people’

– – a company which aims to ‘make cryptocurrencies physical’ by providing customised printed cards

– – a ‘DNA data bank’ which uses blockchain technologies to allow users to query and share segments of their genome using a repeat consent model

– Glimpse – a protocol which aims to influence online advertising by separating the ‘who you are’ and ‘what you do’ parts of identity

– IBISA – a provider of ‘micro-insurance’ through blockchain technologies aimed at small farming businesses

– Lawcoin – a ‘litigation finance platform’ which enables users to invest and trade in shares of lawsuits

– LinkDrop – a company which aims to be the first technology enabling users – or decentralised apps – to send digital assets to receivers through URLs without knowing their address in advance

– – a provider of a blockchain-based software architecture that allows companies working in smart sensing to provide ‘guaranteed auditability’ to their end users

– Sooho – a smart contract and transition security provider that aims to enable an automated/API-based smart contract audit and patching platform for enabling continuous secure development

ConsenSys is not the only VC firm to have been busy in this area of late. Intel Capital, the venture arm of the tech behemoth, recently announced it was investing $117 million on 14 startups with focus on artificial intelligence (AI), more efficient manufacturing technologies, as well as disruptive new approaches to chip design.

 “We continue believing in providing support to promising entrepreneurs that need the accelerator format to refine their projects and ideas,” said Kavita Gupta, managing partner of ConsenSys Ventures in a statement. “With the backing of the ConsenSys and Ethereum ecosystems, we aim to provide all the necessary toolkits for our entrepreneurs to succeed both in the short term and in the long run.”

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