Canadian city to allow Bitcoin payments through Coinberry collaboration


Canadian digital currency platform Coinberry has started negotiations with the City of Richmond Hill in Canada in order to provide a cryptocurrency payment processing solution. This comes after the council voted last week in favour of entering into an agreement with Coinberry, to provide an option for property tax payment in Bitcoin for residents and businesses of the City of Richmond Hill.

This announcement also marks Coinberry’s second municipal partnership within six months, and illustrates a growing move towards the implementation of real-world digital currency solutions.

The new partnership will also have municipal staff report back on the feasibility of implementing Coinberry’s technology for additional payments of other City fees and charges by the end of September.

Coinberry is the blockchain based cryptocurrency platform to have secured partnerships and provide solutions to two Canadian Municipalities – making it the leading and most trustworthy platform in Canada. The City of Richmond Hill’s City Manager is authorised to enter into a contract with Coinberry upon conclusions of successful negotiations.

The new partnership also gives the City of Richmond Hill the opportunity to leverage Coinberry’s technology for other blockchain and digital currency payments and services.

Meanwhile, the Canadian government has been reviewing blockchain as a possible solution for securely tracking marijuana “from seed to sale”, following the passing of a bill legalising recreational use of the drug nationwide in June 2018.

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