ConsenSys highlights top 20 blockchain projects listed on GitHub

top blockchain projects consensys

An article recently published by blockchain software technology company ConsenSys has highlighted top 20 blockchain projects referring to a list compiled by the State of the DApps, which collected data from software development platform GitHub.

DApps are computer applications that run on distributed computing systems.

Presently, State of the DApps lists over 3,037 applications running on numerous blockchains like Ethereum and EOS.

According to ConsenSys, the blockchain projects were chosen and ranked based on ‘most developer activity’. In its article, the Brooklyn, NY-based blockchain software technology firm assured that though the information does not provide a conclusive picture of the blockchain ecosystem, the data is illustrative enough to highlight current trends encompassing open-source developer activity in the blockchain domain.

The list is led by names like Status messenger, Crypto Wallet, and Web3 browser, with over 5,700 events on GitHub over the period of one month. Decentralised cloud storage network Storj was the next name on the list, with around 4,800 events in a month, followed by DAO creation platform Aragon, with close to 4,400 events.   

The list also comprised of Origin Protocol — a blockchain platform for building decentralised marketplaces, and Augur — a decentralised prediction market platform built on the Ethereum blockchain.

Chainlink – a DApp that connects smart contracts to real-world data, events, and payments – was on the 19th position on the list.  Overall, the Ethereum token appears second in the rankings and third on the basis of number of users, with more than 2,700 users over the last 24 hours.

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