UAE health ministry launches new blockchain-based data storage platform


The UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP), in partnership with the Ministry of Presidential Affairs and Dubai Healthcare City among others, has launched the country’s first advanced digital platform for data storage aimed at pharmaceutical companies, health practitioners, government, and private facilities.

This digital platform, which is fundamentally powered by blockchain, has been introduced to increase the efficiency of MoHAP and other health authorities’ smart health services. The launch is part of the UAE Artificial Intelligence Strategy, which plans to integrate AI into health services. The new platform would help organise the search for health facilities, its licensed medical and technical personnel, and their expertise via the MoHAP application.

Furthermore, the project would also enhance the effectiveness of health inspectors and encourage medical tourism by providing access to integrated information on healthcare in the country.

Last month, the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) introduced its own Crypto Valley ecosystem in partnership with CV VC and CV Labs. The DMCC Crypto Valley, which aims to foster growth, collaboration and integrity across the global blockchain economy, is set to offer a wide range of services that includes incubation for early-stage start-ups, co-working facilities, innovation services for corporate clients, blockchain and entrepreneurship training, education, events, mentoring and funding.

Additionally, in early January, Abu Dhabi was awarded the Guinness World Record for installing the world’s largest AR screen in London. The AR screen, which used the Piccadilly Lights digital billboard and ran across 5,904 square feet, captured images of people near the statue of Eros in the city’s Piccadilly Circus and placed them digitally by using 3D AR overlays, among some of Abu Dhabi’s most famous tourism landmarks.

Interested in hearing more in person? Find out more at the Blockchain Expo World Series, Global, Europe and North America.

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