TIXnGO launches blockchain-based health certificates aiming to help ease lockdowns

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Swiss blockchain firm TIXnGO, whose platform has been taken up by various sporting bodies, has announced the launch of a secure health certificate mobile delivery offering.

The solution, called Health n Go, is a repurposing of the existing TIXnGO blockchain-based technology, which aims to enable secure ticket distribution. Health n Go ‘is designed to safely deliver digital health certificates from a trusted authority’, with a unique, encrypted, traceable identity attached to each certificate issued by the platform, the company said.

The company had previously made the headlines for being the technology behind Lancashire County Cricket Club’s blockchain-secure ticketing launch in January among others. Although that solution may not be utilised at all this year – the ECB has delayed the English cricket season until at least July 1 with the pandemic – TIXnGO will look to health certificates as a more immediate use case.

“In light of the coronavirus crisis, we can see a potential role for the secure delivery of personal digital assets such as a health certificate,” said Frederic Longatte, CEO of TIXnGO in a statement.

“It isn’t for us to define the precise use of the technology, that is a decision to be taken by governments. But as new scientific evidence comes to light and response strategies evolve, we are ready to work with governments and corporations to apply this technology, when they deem the time is right,” he added.

The concept of an ‘immunity passport’, where those who have had Covid-19 can – in theory – go about their normal business, continues to be mooted. As reported by Business Insider, one of the main stumbling blocks is around data concerns, with shared databases being proposed by tech firms at the heart of the procurement.

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