South Korea’s biggest job site using blockchain to verify applications in ‘full implementation’

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South Korean technology provider ICONLOOP and recruitment platform SaraminHR have announced success in a pilot to prevent job application fraud through blockchain technologies.

The two companies signed an agreement earlier this year to build and promote a blockchain-based decentralised identity ecosystem, among other services. The announcement relates to what is claimed as ‘the first full implementation of blockchain technology in the recruitment and staffing industry in South Korea.’

The implementation involves three new features added to SamarinHR’s job search platform. Final candidate report forgery prevention helps security and transparency for job qualification exams and interview scores, with all scores permanently recorded on a public blockchain network. Certificate forgery prevention utilises two ICONLOOP products; Zzeung, a mobile application to verify identity and BROOF, a digital certificate app, while offline test attendance verification utilises another app, VisitMe.

“I am confident that the values of reliability, transparency, and stability presented by blockchain will have a great impact on the recruitment market,” said Kim Jong-hyup of ICONLOOP. “You will be able to feel practical convenience through first-hand experience.”

South Korea remains one of the more innovative countries in terms of blockchain adoption. The country’s Nonghyup Bank (NH Bank) is working with Hexlant, a blockchain laboratory, and law firm Bae, Kim & Lee, as reported in June, to develop financial services using virtual assets. The Asian country had previously pledged to invest £700 million into blockchain technologies by 2019.

The features are expected to be rolled out between now and December, starting with final candidate report forgery prevention later this month.

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