reaches $1 trillion in transactions

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Fin is a former junior editor at TechForge., the cryptocurrency financial services company, has surpassed $1 trillion (£730 billion) in transactions on its platform.

An early player in the digital asset space, began as the first Bitcoin blockchain explorer in 2011, having since become a major global provider of wallet and exchange services.

A fifth of this trillion dollar milestone, that is to say $200 million (£146m), was transacted in the past six months alone, highlighting the growing global adoption of crypto.

What’s more, since 2012,’s transactions account for just shy of a third of all transactions on the public Bitcoin blockchain.

Macrina Kgil, CFO of, said: “This milestone isn’t just a monumental feat for us, but for the entire industry – demonstrating the sheer magnitude of interest in crypto across the world.

Everyday consumers and institutions alike are realising the potential that crypto has to offer financial freedom. Our team has worked tirelessly for a decade to accelerate the adoption of crypto, and this milestone is a testament to that hard work.”

With 76 million wallets in use around the world, alongside a $5.2bn (£3.8bn) valuation, plans to continue its growth by helping clients realise the value digital assets.

Want to learn more from executives at the heart of this space? The Blockchain IoT Solutions Congress, on November 2 2021, will explore the convergence of these two technologies and the use cases and industries that will benefit.

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