Nansen begins tracking Solana’s NFT ecosystem

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Blockchain analytics firm Nansen now supports tracking Solana’s large NFT ecosystem.

Nansen says Solana has been one of its most requested chains and has a “thriving” NFT ecosystem.

The real-time, on-chain data provided by Nansen certainly shows the demand for Solana-based NFT projects. Nansen claims it’s tracking over 53,000 NFT collections.

As of writing, a couple of relatively new NFT collections (<48 hours) are vying for the top two most popular.

The current lead collection is for ‘Pioneer’ passes to access VERY TECH, a toolkit and data aggregator for NFT traders that supports Solana and Ethereum-based marketplaces. Solana users have spent 4,195 SOL on the passes over the past 24 hours.

In second-place is the Bonfida Wolves art collection, with 3,378 SOL spent. Okay Bears rounds out the top three with 2,800 SOL spent.

Nansen’s platform also enables NFT aficionados to dive into more data through features including:

  • Mint Master – Helps not only to surface newly-minted collections, but also to gauge the “FOMO” (Fear Of Missing Out) around them.
  • Profit Leaderboard – Find information about the most profitable NFT traders.
  • NFT God Mode – Showcases various important data points such as changes in wallet balances, seniority distribution, hodler activity, and popular collections among holders.
  • NFT Wallet Profiler – Enables users to take a “deep dive” into any particular wallet of interest. 
  • Market Trends – Helps to give a full overview of the health of the Solana NFT market.
  • NFT Item Profiler – Gain a complete understanding of a particular NFT including its transaction history.

Transactions per week across NFT marketplaces have grown considerably over the past year:

Perhaps spurred by the plunge in cryptocurrency prices, the NFT market is flourishing more than ever. Nansen adding support for Solana will help users navigate one of the industry’s most popular NFT ecosystems.

(Image Credit: Solana)

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