Solana adds emissions tracker to boost blockchain’s transparency

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Layer-1 blockchain network Solana has launched a real-time tracking dashboard with data platform Trycarbonara to measure on-chain carbon emissions.

The Solana Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to growing and decentralising the network, said the update makes it the first “major smart-contract blockchain” to provide real-time measures of its carbon emissions.

The organisation added that it hopes its steps will incentivise other blockchains to be more transparent about their carbon emissions.

“The Solana Foundation hopes to set a new standard for measuring emissions in blockchain by publishing this data,” it said.

Found on the Solana Climate website, the new dashboard displays data including the network’s total node count, total carbon emissions by average and marginal use, and total megawatt-hours.

As well as a number of other indicators, the dashboard also features charts to allow for comparison between Solana’s carbon output and other activities that produce emissions.

The dashboard says that burning one gallon of gasoline was the equivalent of executing 140,417 transactions on the Solana blockchain.

The foundation has made the data behind the real-time dashboard open-source, adding that its carbon footprint is modelled on that of the Dell PowerEdge R940.

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