LBank launches global first unlimited crypto credit card

LBank launches global first unlimited crypto credit card Duncan is an award-winning technology industry analyst, specialising in cloud computing, blockchain, martech and edge computing.

LBank, a cryptocurrency exchange, is soon to launch what it says is the world’s first unlimited cryptocurrency credit card, aiming to break down the barriers of cryptocurrency payments.

The card, available in both virtual and physical forms, allows users to make any consumer payments directly with cryptocurrency through LBank’s credit, and also supports local cash withdrawals. 

LBank’s nearly 9 million users are expected to begin using this card in Q3 2023, and the exchange’s VIP users will be granted the exclusive right to early access. The credit card will connect to LBank users’ digital assets and can be used on various payment platforms like Google Pay. Upon acquiring the card, the app allows detailed viewing of each recharge and consumption record, enabling users to stay on top of their financial status at all times. 

By using this card, LBank users can consume their assets within the exchange or withdraw assets in the form of fiat currency. The card does not have the quota limitations of ordinary credit cards; both consumption and withdrawals are unlimited. LBank’s technical team indicated that more detailed information about payment options, such as fee tiers, will be announced as the card’s launch date approaches. 

Users who wish to obtain the LBank credit card can order it from the exchange’s website. The card comes in different options, including a metal version. Certain users can also acquire a specially offered VIP version that provides up to 2% cashback when used. 

Eric He, the founder of LBank, said: “For us, an important point is that users from all over the world can order and use our credit card. Our vision is to make crypto assets safer and circulation freer. Launching our own credit card is a significant step towards achieving this goal.”

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