N3twork Studios commits to elevating entertainment in Web3 gaming

N3twork Studios commits to elevating entertainment in Web3 gaming Duncan is an award-winning technology industry analyst, specialising in cloud computing, blockchain, martech and edge computing.

Blockchain gaming studio, N3twork Studios, has outlined its commitment to delivering the next generation of sustainable and player-centric Web3 RPGs.

With the goal of bringing Web3 games to the mass market, the studio is prioritising the player experience. Leveraging the development teams’ history of building deep, social F2P (free-to-play) titles, N3twork Studios is committed to creating games that stand up against leading Web2 counterparts.

In contrast to a number of blockchain-based titles in the market, N3twork Studios is building titles where Web3 features are supplementary to the core gameplay experience, but not necessarily central to their appeal. Through reducing friction in the user onboarding process, N3twork Studios’ titles are designed to introduce the uninitiated to Web3 gradually, seamlessly, and only if they choose to engage with it.

Their ambition is to educate users on the benefits of the blockchain and demonstrate the mutually beneficial role it can play in the user / developer relationship, if executed correctly.

Off the back of $46m in Series A funding in 2022, N3twork Studios has built on a team of veteran developers who have a wealth of experience in creating successful F2P titles for the likes of EA, Kabam, Zynga, Glu, and Disney. The team is now focused on building two new titles that span the worlds of Web2 & Web3:

  • Legendary: Heroes Unchained – A cross-platform, play-to-own RPG where players will collect on-chain heroes and gear, engage in PvP battles and join epic Guild versus Guild (GvG) events. Already amassing a community of over 50k users, LHU is focused on onboarding crypto natives, as well as traditional RPG gamers
  • Triumph – A multiplayer squad RPG with social play at its heart. Triumph integrates the best of Web3 with the best of F2P to create a new kind of gaming experience that is player-centric, expansive, and deeply rewarding. As they explore the Triumph universe, players will collect and upgrade their ultimate squad of heroes, striving to reach the top of live worldwide leaderboards.

To support with the development and upcoming launch of both games, N3twork Studios has recently hired Joshua Sell, COO (former Tinder CPO with previous experience at King, Kabam, Glu and NCSOFT West), Gia Hua, VP of Finance (Dots, Looply Games), and Benjamin Jordan, VP Engineering (NCSOFT, Enkulu, Big Run Studios).

Matt Ricchetti, president of N3twork Studios, said: “Many of the N3twork Studios team was at the forefront of the F2P revolution, and we watched it change the gaming landscape completely. We believe that digital ownership – when implemented thoughtfully into good games – represents the next logical shift in the games industry and will be mutually beneficial for both players and developers. We are relentlessly user-driven in how we think about making games and are building titles that will have enduring appeal for years to come.

“By putting fun first, we’re able to seamlessly onboard users, integrate meaningful Web3 features into our games, and help our users better understand the value that the blockchain can bring to their experience.”

N3twork Studios was created in 2022, following blockchain technology firm Forte’s acquisition of the N3twork technology platform. The deal saw part of N3twork’s team merge with Forte, with N3twork Studios formed as a new studio, focused on the development of new titles, alongside the existing Legendary: Games of Heroes

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