SK Telecom and Polygon Labs partner to build Web3 ecosystem

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SK Telecom (SKT) and Polygon Labs have entered into a strategic partnership to build a flourishing Web3 ecosystem.

The signing ceremony for the agreement took place at SK Telecom’s headquarters in Seoul and was attended by Oh Se-hyun, Vice President and Head of Web3 CO at SKT, and Marc Boiron, CEO of Polygon Labs.

The agreement outlines several key initiatives that SK Telecom and Polygon Labs will jointly undertake.

A highlight of this collaboration includes the integration of Polygon’s cutting-edge blockchain technology into SK Telecom’s NFT marketplace, TopPort, and its upcoming Web3 wallet. This move will not only enable seamless compatibility with Polygon’s blockchain but will also empower the NFT ecosystem with enhanced scalability and efficiency.

Marc Boiron, CEO of Polygon Labs, said:

“Polygon Labs has been developing optimal blockchain technology for Web3 popularisation, and we see this collaboration with SKT as an important step in providing Web3 experiences to more consumers.”

TopPort was initially launched last year. Creators on the platform will gain the ability to mint Polygon-based NFTs, extending the marketplace’s reach and interoperability with other NFT platforms within the Polygon ecosystem.

Additionally, SKT’s upcoming Web3 wallet – set to debut in the latter half of 2023 – will be integrated with the Polygon network, offering users the capability to engage in NFT trading securely.

The collaboration also extends beyond technical integration. The two companies will actively foster the growth of the Web3 ecosystem by identifying and supporting promising Web3 startups, particularly through Polygon Labs’ subsidiary, Polygon Ventures.

SKT and Polygon Labs will aim to bolster the global presence of Korean Web3 startups and facilitate the entry of leading decentralised apps (dApps) into the domestic market.

Oh Se-hyun, VP and Head of Web3 CO at SKT, commented:

“By combining our experience in blockchain services and Polygon Labs’ blockchain infrastructure and ecosystem, we will be able to create valuable business opportunities and boost the Web3 ecosystem.”

The partnership between SK Telecom and Polygon Labs holds the potential to redefine user experiences and drive innovation across the digital realm. With both companies contributing their strengths, the collaboration could shape the Web3 ecosystem for years to come.

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