Tokenbridge launches tokenisation platform for wealth and fund management

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Tokenbridge launches tokenisation platform for wealth and fund management Duncan is an award-winning technology industry analyst, specialising in cloud computing, blockchain, martech and edge computing.

Tokenbridge, a token aggregator and distribution platform streamlining the wealth and fund management ecosystem, has launched what it describes as a revolutionary suite of services.

Targeted at fund managers, financial advisors, and their forward-thinking next generation clients, the platform is poised to transform investment management with distributed ledger technology (DLT), providing efficiency and access to the digital investment frontier. Tokenbridge offers an open-architecture and blockchain agnostic solution that not only drives tech stack optimisation but also significantly reduces complexity, risk and cost while enabling hyper-personalisation.

Tokenbridge brings significant investment and technology industry expertise, combining decades of experience with deep knowledge across wealth and asset management, fund operations, and global financial institutions. The platform is engineered to disrupt the traditional paradigms of asset management, eliminating inherent inefficiencies and friction points by refining cumbersome operational processes and reducing their associated risks through the delivery of their bespoke, white-label B2B token distribution solutions. This modernisation empowers fund managers, wealth managers and infrastructure providers to better position themselves in meeting the needs of their current clients, and the next generation of investors.

Daron Pearce, executive chair of Tokenbridge, said: “Our ambition is to completely redefine the wealth and fund management industry.

“By harnessing the unparalleled potential of distributed ledger and smart contract technologies, we’re not just streamlining fund management and distribution – we’re catapulting it into a new era. Tokenbridge is the key to unlocking a world where our clients can open doors to the next generation of investors, eager to engage with their financial future like never before.”

The Tokenbridge platform boasts several standout features that are set to remake the investment landscape:

  • Open Architecture: Compatible with any asset or network token, the platform is blockchain agnostic, ready to adapt to the evolving digital asset space.
  • Automated Business Rules: Tailored for advisors, fund managers, and asset servicers, ensuring efficient and fully integrated digital operations.
  • Integrated CBDCs or Stablecoins: The platform offers a fully integrated Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) or Stablecoin cash management solution.
  • Efficiency: For fund and wealth managers, tokenisation streamlines manufacture and distribution processes, drastically cutting costs and reducing friction.

Tokenbridge invites investors, fund managers, advisors and financial institutions worldwide to explore the multifaceted benefits of tokenisation through their platform, to fully appreciate the transformative impact digital assets are going to have on the financial services industry.

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