Fox Corporation taps Polygon PoS to tackle deepfakes

Fox Corporation taps Polygon PoS to tackle deepfakes Duncan is an award-winning technology industry analyst, specialising in cloud computing, blockchain, martech and edge computing.

Fox Corporation has publicly released a beta version of Verify, an open source protocol meant to establish the history and origin of registered media, and built on Polygon PoS.

On Verify, publishers can register content in order to prove origination. Individual pieces of content are cryptographically signed onchain, allowing consumers to identify content from trusted sources using the Verify Tool.

Fox Corp launched a closed beta of Verify on August 23, coinciding with the first Fox News GOP debate. To date, 89,000 pieces of content, spanning text and images, have been signed to Verify, from Fox News, Fox Business, Fox Sports, and Fox TV affiliates.

Now, the protocol has been open sourced, allowing the public to contribute to and fork the source code. Media companies can head over to Verify to get in touch, while consumers use the Verify Tool to confirm origination of digital content from participating Fox sources. 

Verify was developed in-house by the Fox Technology team and is built on Polygon PoS due to its fast, easy, and affordable transactions. 

A Polygon spokesperson said: “With this technology, readers will know for sure that an article or image that purportedly comes from a publisher in fact originated at the source. 

“Additionally, Verify establishes a technical bridge between media companies and AI platforms. With its Verified Access Point, Verify creates new commercial opportunities for content owners by utilizing smart contracts to set programmatic conditions for access to content.”

As AI-generated text and images flow more widely online, Verify will be able to help consumers not only identify the veritable source of content, but also give media publishers more control over relationships with AI platforms scraping the web. 

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