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Aries becomes next Hyperledger project graduating to active status

The Hyperledger Technical Steering Committee (TSC) has approved Hyperledger Aries as the latest of Hyperledger’s projects to graduate from incubation to active status.

Hyperledger Aries provides tool kits designed to build interopable and verifiable credentials for secure communication without a central authority. The Aries project grew out of the need for protocols and open source tools to enable verifiable credentials, such as those supported by Hyperledger...

EDF joins Hyperledger to continue blockchain research for energy sector

Another quarter means another tranche of new Hyperledger members have been announced - with energy company EDF and cybersecurity firm WISeKey the standouts.

In total, 10 companies have joined the foundation, while BSOS and Hitachi have come on board - the former also a member - as Hyperledger certified service providers (HCSPs).

EDF has been putting together several initiatives in the blockchain space. Through its Exaion platform, the company is looking to become the...

Visa joins Hyperledger as SAP, Swisscom and Tencent gain service provider certification

VISA card

Hyperledger has announced its latest tranche of members and certification holders, with companies including Visa, Swisscom and Tencent all on board.

The announcement, which comes before the organisation's annual member summit, showcases eight new members, as well as seven companies who have become Hyperledger Certified Service Providers (HCSPs).

The other new members, alongside Visa, are blockchain startups. Chainstack, a provider of managed blockchain services for...

Hyperledger Besu moves to active status as enterprise blockchain cases rise

Hyperledger Besu, an enterprise-focused initiative and the first which was able to operate on a public blockchain, has taken a step towards mainstream operability after comittee members voted to place it as an active project.

The move, which makes Besu the only Ethereum project to have moved outof the incubation phase, 'demonstrates the strength of the project and the active community supporting it', according to the company. Among the community are ConsenSys, Chainsafe and...

Walmart leads septet of new Hyperledger members

Walmart Store

Hyperledger has announced a tranche of new members at its global forum in San Francisco – with retail giant Walmart leading the way.

In total, seven companies have joined up to the Linux Foundation-backed blockchain technology initiative across various roles. Some, such as Tangem, a Swiss-based manufacturer of blockchain-based smart card wallets, and Clear, a provider of blockchain-based settlement and clearing networks, will be familiar to industry watchers.


Getting the ball rolling for enterprise blockchain: How Hyperledger sees the route to success

If you have ever been involved in any enterprise software procurement project, you will be more than aware of the time it takes to get things done; the peaks, troughs and sometimes interminable delays.

The hidden gotchas are always there too. Take the headline of an article by ThoughtWorks’ George Earle in 2017: “The tyranny of big suite enterprise software best practices: How decisions made 40 years ago straightjacket you today.”

Daniela Barbosa (left), VP of...

Hyperledger welcomes ConsenSys on board as member, focuses on the finance at Sibos

At the recently held Sibos 2019 event in London, Hyperledger took the opportunity to highlight 20 case studies highlighting the usage of enterprise blockchain in the financial sector, as well as welcome ConsenSys as a premier member of the alliance.

The Linux Foundation-hosted open source collaborative effort also introduced its Capital Markets Special Interest Group (SIG) to encourage further collaboration and adoption of the technology in the market.


Microsoft and Salesforce join Hyperledger

Hyperledger has announced that Microsoft and Salesforce have joined as new members to its blockchain consortium. Other names like Russian metal company Norilsk Nickel (Nornickel), Polish agricultural tech solutions developer Gloscad, and American SCM tech solutions developer Milligan Partners, have also signed up.

All these new members will be paying their dues to Hyperledger, depending on the size of their business. These companies will also build applications using the...

Target dips toes into blockchain with Hyperledger project and job posting

Another day, another retailer interested in blockchain technologies. Target is entering the blockchain space with minimal fanfare, having posted a job advert for a blockchain engineer.

As originally reported by Coindesk, the job offers the winning candidate an opportunity to contribute to ConsenSource, an GitHub project from Target which is a certificate registry blockchain application, built with Hyperledger Sawtooth, as well as Hyperledger Grid.

Joel Crabb, vice...

How Hyperledger is helping companies as they move towards the ‘enterprise blockchain spring’

While the optimists are saying we’re getting out of a cryptocurrency winter, the past few months have certainly seen an enterprise blockchain spring.

That’s the verdict of Brian Behlendorf, executive director at Hyperledger, at least. Behlendorf looks at the various updates the foundation has made in recent months holistically, rather than being deeply involved in the product and strategy side – he describes his role as a ‘weatherman’ – to make his considered...