Whitepaper: Creating a Financially Sustainable Cloud

Creating a Financially Sustainable Cloud A FinOps Perspective on Obtaining Value, Optimising Costs and Driving Cultural Change

The overwhelming need for a clear return on cloud investment and cost optimisation has become increasingly apparent in today's business landscape. As organisations continue to leverage cloud services, concerns over spiralling costs, perceived lack of business value, ownership issues, and complex pricing and billing models have spurred the demand for...

DataOps Can Build the Foundation For Your Generative AI Ambitions

This insightful webinar unveiled the findings of EXL’s recent commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting, and examined the landscape of data operations across the US and UK. Forrester’s comprehensive research and custom surveys targeting 158 analytics leaders in line of business and data quality/governance roles revealed key insights that pave the way for data transformation.

Key takeaways:

DataOps and Generative AI: Discover how DataOps serves as the...

Acentrik Whitepaper – Decentralized Data Marketplace

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Download a copy of Acentrik’s whitepaper to learn how Blockchain Technology is being used on the platform and the privacy-preserving features as tools to enterprises in their data monetization...

On-Demand Webinar with EXL – The Future of CX: Matching Speed of Your Customer

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About The Webinar

Thanks to rapidly accelerating digital behaviours, organizations need data-driven insights and solutions that create a complete 360-degree view of their customers. To stay ahead of your competition, businesses must now satisfy customers on multiple touchpoints — anytime, anywhere.

Join senior leaders from, EXL Service, Etraveli, Stanley Black &...

On-Demand Webinar with Starmind: Human-Centric Knowledge Management, the solution leaders need to accelerate time to market 

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About the webinar

As a business leader in a competitive industry, you already know that speed to market is a critical differentiator. Your organization’s success depends on your ability to quickly deliver new innovative products or solutions. Inaccessible knowledge threatens to slow down productivity and cross-functional collaboration in large organizations. Human-centric...

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: The Bytes Behind The Blocks

This session offers a discussion on the applicability of blockchain for the enterprise, including key architectural considerations, trends, and use cases.

Blockchain is well known in cryptocurrency and finance but has had less success in the broader enterprise. Recent global events, however, have triggered a renewed interest in blockchain for enterprise use cases, including for identity, data security, analytics, digital twins, and more. Join this panel discussion to learn how...

On-Demand Webinar: Digital Credentials, Proving You Are You With IBM

A digital credential is a core anchor to making both online and in-person interactions more valuable. With digital credentials on blockchain, we can enable people and businesses to transact with each other in new and different ways. Blockchain’s public and private key capabilities makes it possible to definitively establish identity, opening up possibilities for transformative services. These services will range from digital drivers licenses to professional licensure to COVID health...

On-demand Webinar: Digital Assets, A New Paradigm For Financial Services

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ABOUT THIS WEBINAR (duration: 45 minutes)

Adoption of digital assets is accelerating as the technology is maturing, regulatory tailwinds are increasing, and demand is growing from institutional customers. The shift that is underway will have a profound impact across many industries, primarily for financial institutions. Digital assets is altering the way we exchange value, where the benefits include reduced...

On-Demand Webinar: Payment Giants Driving Crypto, What Does This Mean For 2021?



Crypto assets have the potential to revolutionize the way investments are made and, in the process, drive innovation in the payments and retail space. As we see users increasingly taking advantage of crypto cards to access these assets and convert them to traditional currencies for spending, payment providers and retailers have the challenge of enabling and...

On-Demand Webinar. The New Age Crypto World: Discussion With Tata Consultancy Services

Crypto assets and tokenized securities have the potential to revolutionize the way investments are made and, in the process, democratize access, enhance liquidity, increase market efficiency and open transparency. But as these disruptive technologies evolve and pave new ways for sectors to function, how are they influencing the world of finance as we know it? And how can organizations benefit from including Crypto assets and tokenized securities in their product strategies?