Fujitsu launches blockchain collaboration tech to build Web3 services


Fujitsu has confirmed the successful completion of a year-long pilot project which began in January 2022 for its proprietary ConnectionChain blockchain technology with the Asian Development Bank, blockchain vendor ConsenSys Software, R3 and SORAMITSU, demonstrating its effectiveness in streamlining and enhancing the safety of cross-border transactions of financial securities.

The trials integrated ConnectionChain to realise a system that can connect multiple blockchains to...

Fujitsu and DCX plan to use blockchain to revolutionise global commodities trading

A person sifting rice in a field.

Fujitsu has partnered with Digital Commodity Exchange Pte. (DCX) to accelerate the digital transformation (DX) of the global commodity trading industry, including the trade of agricultural products such as grains and raw materials for manufactured goods. 

In addition, Fujitsu made an investment in DCX on July 13, 2021, through a fund managed by its subsidiary, Fujitsu Ventures.

DCX is a holding company of Rice Exchange, a digital platform for rice buyers and...