Jeroen van Megchelen, Ledger Leopard: Why companies should embrace blockchain and web3 technology

What have been the latest developments at Ledger Leopard?

We've introduced an AI trust tool called 'rel-ai'. This tool is designed to provide trust to AI models by ensuring the transparency and authenticity of their outputs. Ledger Leopard accomplishes this by offering users a web3 wallet, which they can use to sign both the input provided to the AI model and the resulting output.

The process involves users signing the input and output, and then hashing and writing the...

Jeroen van Megchelen, CTO, Ledger Leopard: On Web3 solutions for enterprises


Jeroen van Megchelen, CTO at Ledger Leopard, sat down with The Block to discuss enterprise blockchain solutions, accessibility to Web3, and Ethereum.

The Block: How would you introduce Ledger Leopard to our readers? 

Jeroen van Megchelen: Ledger Leopard is a Web3 company designed to make businesses future-proof. It was created out of a lifelong passion for the next evolution of technology. Ever since 2017, we’ve been extending our experience in the area of...