Tether CTO responds to reports of hedge funds shorting USDT

Tether CTO Paolo Ardoino has responded to reports of hedge funds shorting its USDT stablecoin.

A “short” is a bet against the value of an asset. In contrast, a “long” position is a bet that an asset will appreciate in value.

On Monday, the Wall Street Journal reported that various traditional hedge funds had open USDT short positions worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

“There has been a real spike in the interest from traditional hedge funds who...

Fujitsu and DCX plan to use blockchain to revolutionise global commodities trading

A person sifting rice in a field.

Fujitsu has partnered with Digital Commodity Exchange Pte. (DCX) to accelerate the digital transformation (DX) of the global commodity trading industry, including the trade of agricultural products such as grains and raw materials for manufactured goods. 

In addition, Fujitsu made an investment in DCX on July 13, 2021, through a fund managed by its subsidiary, Fujitsu Ventures.

DCX is a holding company of Rice Exchange, a digital platform for rice buyers and...